Wall StandsA wall Bucky for radiographic positioning of a standing or sitting patient

WS P/T/DS are radiographic wall stands to perform fast and simple routine X-ray exposures of a standing or sitting patient.

The wall Bucky allows for optimal access from the left or right hand side and for easy and ergonomic one handed operation of the entire system. The counterbalance enables easy vertical movement.

The wall stand is equipped with a Bucky that can be loaded from the left or from the right side.

  • Fixed or tilting Bucky
  • Bucky with stationary or moving grids
  • Tracking for tube stand
  • Spacer for examinations with trolley
  • Manual versions and versions with Automatic Cassette Size Sensing available (ACSS)
  • Grid orientation for oblique projection possible (table used with spacer for WS TR CS, TL CS and T DST)