High Quality for Dental and Industrial CT

High Quality for Dental and Industrial CT

CERA XPlorer – An efficient GUI for visual CT inspection in NDT

Explore the full potential of your CT raw data using CERA XPlorer. XPlorer is a state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI) for visual non-destructive testing (NDT) using industrial cone-beam CT imaging. It supports an efficient workflow by combining CERA’s high performance and image quality with an intuitive UI. CERA XPlorer is exclusively available to manufacturers of industrial CT systems and is designed to minimize integration efforts. 

Efficient workflow
The CT scan parameters can be loaded from a configuration file and the reconstruction starts on a single button click. The 3+1 viewer supports a quick analysis of the CT volume using one of the plenty MPR and VRT visualization options. The lean UI is not cluttered with menus, but leaves most space for the actual visualization task. For documentation purposes, the results can be recorded as screenshots and videos. Moreover, the current visualization state can be saved and restored at a later time. 

Key features of the XPlorer reconstruction GUI (incl. in CERA-BASIC)

  • Projection viewer and volume slicer
  • Configuration-file based CT parameter import
  • FDK reconstruction, image pre-processing and beam hardening correction
  • Phantom-based geometry calibration and phantom-less geometry misalignment compensation (requires CERA-CMP)
  • Theoretically exact helix or circle+line reconstruction (requires CERA-TXR)
  • Advanced CT artifact and noise reduction (requires CERA-RED)


Please note, that the CERA XPlorer does not support all features, which are accessible via the flexible API of CERA. 

Key features of the XPlorer 3D visualization GUI (incl. in CERA-BASIC and CERA-VRT)

  • 3+1 viewer with three synchronized MPR views and one VRT view
  • Keyframe animator for easy generation of high quality videos
  • Teravoxel renderer for real-time 3D visualization of large volumes on the GPU
  • Plenty of VRT rendering modes (shaded, unshaded, isosurface, DRR, MinIP, MaxIP)
  • Plenty of MPR rendering modes (normal, shaded, thick MPR, MinIP, MaxIP)
  • Volume clipping along MPR planes or using a free volume clip plane
  • Axis-aligned and non-axis aligned volume cropping
  • Fusion of MPR planes into the VRT view
  • Distance and angular measurements, annotations, and gray value indication


CERA XPlorer is a dedicated GUI for industrial CT. Experience its ease-of-use, high-speed, and excellent image quality for NDT.