CT Reconstruction

CERA supports the latest technology in CT reconstruction both in terms of innovative algorithms and hardware acceleration. This is the basis for short reconstruction times and excellent image quality alike. Moreover, CERA is designed as a flexible software platform which supports a broad range of cone-beam and fan-beam CT applications. This high flexibility is also reflected in the modular software structure, which enables customized software configurations.

CERA module overview
CERA module overview

CERA-BASIC – The basis module for CT reconstruction
The BASIC module offers full and short-circle reconstruction using a high-speed CUDA-based GPU implementation of the FDK algorithm. For most demanding tasks, the speed can be further boosted using parallel reconstruction on multiple GPUs.
The key features are

  • Image pre-processing including bad-pixel correction, intensity correction, and median filtering
  • Online reconstruction – the reconstruction starts when the first projection image is available
  • Reconstruction from non-ideal scan trajectories (e.g. local deviations from circular trajectory) using projection matrices based geometry definition
  • On-the-fly visualization of the reconstruction progress
  • Truncation correction for conventional region-of-interest reconstruction
  • Empirical and model-based beam hardening correction (BHC) for mono-material objects
  • Volume post-processing
  • CERA XPlorer GUI for reconstruction and 3D volume visualization


Mono-material beam hardening correction
Mono-material beam hardening correction

CT reconstruction add-on modules

  • CERA-RED: Sophisticated algorithms for CT artifact and noise reduction
  • CERA-SRM: Half-beam reconstruction, multiple extended field-of-view reconstruction, and quantitative region-of-interest reconstruction
  • CERA-TXR: Theoretically exact reconstruction of helical, circle+line, circle+arc, elliptical, and other planar scan trajectories
  • CERA-ITR: Algebraic and statistical iterative reconstruction for planar CT and special scan setups

CT geometry calibration and motion compensation add-on modules

  • CERA-CMP: Phantom-based CT geometry calibration and raw-data based CT geometry misalignment correction
  • CERA-OMC: Compensation of rigid object motion like a translation or inclination of the patient head in dental CT