3D Volume Visualization
High-performance 3D rendering in excellent image quality

The CERA-VRT renderer is designed for judder-free 3D volume visualization in excellent image quality in every single detail. To get most of each dataset CERA-VRT offers a plentitude of rendering modes including shaded VRT, MaxIP, MinIP, DRR, shaded MPR, thick MPR, and isosurface.

Teravoxel rendering engine – visualization of datasets with 1 000 000 000 000 voxels
Reconstructing 4K cubed volumes consisting of 64 billion voxels (e.g. 128 GB of data) is not a very uncommon task with the emerging 4K flat detector technology. The CERA-VRT teravoxel renderer supports 3D visualization of even up to 8K cubed volumes (e.g. 1 Terabyte of data) by making use of innovative multi resolution streaming. Thus, even at high zoom into the volume the visualization is rich in detail.

Easy-to-integrate viewer components
In order to minimize efforts for integration, CERA-VRT offers a high-level API for viewer components. These viewer components provide an intuitive set of controls for panning, rotating, zooming, clipping and so on. The easy-to-use and well documented C++ API and the additional C# wrapper ensures simple integration of CERA-VRT.

VRT and MPR rendering examples

MPR rendering examples – shaded, thick, and thick MaxIP

VRT rendering examples – shaded, MaxIP, DRR, and MPR

VRT rendering example

VRT rendering example