Linear accelerator system designed for non-destructive testing and cargo scanning

Siemens linear accelerator – movable X-ray head
SILAC compact - movable X-ray head

The accelerator head is separate from the other sections, which are combined in a compact supply unit.

Siemens linear accelerator
SILAC stationary

Three of the main components are combined in a single, compact housing in the case of the “all-in-one box” version: an accelerator section, a RF-generation section and a control and interface section.

Siemens linear accelerator 6 or 9MeV
Linear accelerator 6 MeV

The system can be equipped with two types of linear accelerators for wide energy ranges, with a maximum of up to either 6 MeV or 9 MeV electron energy.


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The SILAC® linear accelerator system is designed for non-destructive testing (NDT) and use in scanning devices for cargo and vehicles in the security sector.

Two versions are available for maximum flexibility: a compact “all-in-one box” design and a version with a movable accelerator section.
This allows for stationary installation in bunkers or controlled areas as well as mobile setups on trucks, while the movable X-ray head can be used in a versatile range of applications.

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